Truly Mutual Magazine
Truly Mutual Magazine
One of our key pillars as Old Mutual Zimbabwe is to put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Our customers are our partners and as we become obsessed with improving the experience that you our customers have as you encounter our brand through our products and services, we acknowledge that opening lines of communication with you is critical.

The Truly Mutual Magazine was launched in October 2021 as a platform that allows us to engage with our customers and prospective customers, to share news and highlights on new and existing products across all our business lines, share our knowledge around financial services and showcase some of our activities within the communities we operate in. The magazine is published every quarter, as we continue to support one of the key tenets of our business – continuous customer engagement.

Continuous engagement is essential to our business as it allows us to maintain a healthy flow of information between ourselves and our valued customers. Finding new ways to interact that are engaging, vibrant, fun and able to leverage on digital enablement is key to us. Creating platforms such as the Truly Mutual Magazine allows us to remain relevant to the day-to-day needs and success stories of our customers. We believe in building long term relationships, sustained through consistent engagement. We have therefore taken a deliberate and bold step to be more visible, more open, more accessible and communicate more for the benefit of our customers.

We seek through all our interactions, across all platforms that our customers enjoy at least three things:

  • Solutions that are relevant to every key milestone in their life journey in all financial matters
  • Happy memories from the way we serve them as they access our products and services
  • That the value we deliver in the products we offer from across our business units surpasses their expectations

We look forward to your participation in some of the activities in the magazine as well as your feedback and comments.

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Truly Mutual Magazine

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