Becoming independentStudying or just starting your new job? Time to consider your financial needs.
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          Financial Focus

          No matter what your life stage or financial needs you need a financial plan and a budget. Both of these will change as your life circumstances change. If you need help please contact a financial adviser for tips on how to manage your finances.


          Paying off your student loan is a priority and you will have agreed to these terms when the bank approved your loan.

          Emergency savings plan

          It is important to put aside an amount each month to cater for life’s little emergencies. This should be done through a bank account or lower-risk investment that offers you competitive interest rates and easy access to your money.

          Saving for a goal

          We all have our goals in life and it is important to save towards achieving them. Choose an investment or savings product that will help you maximise your financial growth.


          While retirement may seem like the distant future to you it is never too late to start. Whether you are joining a staff pension plan or are self-employed, an early start could mean the difference between being able to retire and having to work in your old age.

          Medical aid

          Your employer will most likely insist that you join their medical aid scheme. But, if you have started out on your own or are responsible for your healthcare and that of a loved one you need to be sure that you have picked the right plan to suite your circumstances.


          Start investments young and develop a culture of financial freedom now. Start off by putting a small amount of money away every month. Old Mutual has a range of products that aim to help you achieve financial growth.


          Professional financial planning & advice are invaluable when structuring a financial portfolio. Contact an Old Mutual financial adviser today to help you develop a financial plan that suits your current circumstances and financial position.

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