Life favours the preparedIntroducing MyOldMutual – your all in one platform to meet your financial needs.
What is MyOldMutual?MyOldMutual is your all in one access to your financial service needs in Insurance, Investments and Banking. To access the MyOldMutual Platform, you can save the WhatsApp number 0777 227 227.

No data? No problem, you can dial *227# to access the same services at no extra charge. How great is that? The platform serves as a financial marketplace that seeks to meet financial needs in a convenient and inclusive manner.
What products can I get on the MyOldMutual Digital Platform?

On the MyOldMutual Digital platform, customers are able to Bank, Insure and Invest.

Still not sure how to access the MyOldMutual Digital Platform using Whatsapp? Click here to connect to what mattersWant to know more about MyOldMutual?

If you want to know more, we've put together some frequently asked questions for you.

    Fortunately, yes. You will be able to use the same PIN credentials from your USSD to make payments on your WhatsApp.

    The platform has been enabled with a security authentication portal that allows you to enter your PIN on a securely verified platform before returning back to WhatsApp to complete your transaction.

    There are no associated charges with using the WhatsApp platform. To access the platform, all you require is internet connectivity.

    Yes, you can! All you need to do is access any of the two channels (*227# or WhatsApp 0777 227 227) anywhere, anytime at any place. Simply access the platform, select a product of your choice from the main menu, get a quote and make a payment of the desired service. No paperwork required.

    No paperwork is required at all. All you need to do is access the services on any of the channels, self-register by providing your personal information, and enjoy the benefits of having all your financial needs in one place through these channels.

    You can make payments using your CABS bank account or Ecocash Mobile money wallet to access these amazing services.