Ease the pain,
ease the stress
With our simple and affordable funeral policy
that provides a cash benefit to you or your dependents.
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What is Old Mutual Flexi Funeral Plan?

It's an Old Mutual funeral plan that offers you peace of mind knowing that you, your immediate and extended family will be laid to rest with dignity and love. The Flexi Funeral Plan is an annually renewable funeral policy that reduces the effects of inflation and pays out a cash benefit to cater for funeral expenses for a member or their dependents.
What’s in it for you?Why choose Old Mutual Flexi Funeral Plan
  • The Plan offers cover for you, your immediate and extended family
  • Receive a lump sum (once-off payment) paid towards funeral costs within 48 hours
  • Choose the cover amount that you can afford - anything between ZWL $50,000 and ZWL $500,000.
  • Get immediate cover for accidental death, from the moment your application is accepted

Flexi Funeral Plan
Who is the plan for?The plan is suitable for you:
  • If you or your family would like to be provided with financial assistance to cover the final expenses in the event of your death and/or the death(s) of your immediate and extended family
  • If you're looking for funeral cover that can be reviewed inline with market conditions so as to retain the funeral cover value
Flexi Funeral Plan
    Why choose Old Mutual Flexi Funeral Plan
    GET MORE INFORMATIONIf you want to know more about premiums, claims and more, have a look at our terms and conditions.
    Want to know more about Old Mutual Funeral Plans?If you want to know more, we have answered a few questions you might have. You can also visit our nearest branch or call + 263 (0) 24 308 400 to speak to a consultant.
    • Yes you can, the MyOldMutual digital platform caters to both existing and new customers such as yourself. Under Insurance services, select the option to Buy Flexi Funeral, enter your personal details and pay using your CABS bank account or mobile money wallet.

    • Absolutely, for the Flexi Funeral you are able to renew your policy. Make sure you have your policy number and premium amount close-by when making the payment. This is to ensure that the right policy is kept up-to-date if you have multiple Flexi Funeral plan.

    • Next of kin or your closest living relative will be the person who will receive the cash payout for your funeral expenses in the event of your untimely death as the policy holder. A dependent is a policy member e.g child that the policy holder or next of kin is eligible for a cash payout in the event of the dependent’s untimely death.

    • You can add as many dependents as you wish to on your funeral plan. The Flexi Funeral plan is flexible enough for each policy member to get their own cover amount allocated to them.

    • To register you can dial *227# or send ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp 0777227227.

    • Your financial adviser will provide you with a quotation on what your premium will be. Your monthly premium will depend on your age and the cover amount you choose.

    • If the Life Assured dies, then we will pay the Sum Assured applicable on the date of death.

      If the Life Assured dies as a result of an accident, the full Sum Assured as set out in the Schedule will become payable provided that the Policy is in force.

    • This is a period of time from the Commencement Date during which Life Cover is not available. The Waiting Period only applies to deaths due to non-accidental causes.

      Here is a summary of the waiting periods applicable in the terms and conditions.

      Note: The death benefit for children under the age of 14 is 75% of their Cover amount.

    • If a Life Assured dies, then we will pay the Sum Assured applicable to You or nominated beneficiary, subject to these terms and conditions and other documents forming the contract.

      In order to claim, proceed with the following documents to Your Group Contact Person or nearest Old Mutual/CABS branch:

      • Certified copy of death certificate if claiming after burial
      • Original burial order/ Certified copy of death certificate/ medical certificate of cause of death/ Kraal head or Headman’s letter if claiming before burial
      • A copy of the beneficiaries’ Identity Documents (ID)
      • Proof of beneficiary’s bank account in the form of:
      1. a stamped bank deposit/withdrawal slip
      2. a copy of bank card showing account holder’s name and account number
      3. a stamped front page of bank statement with account holder’s name and account number
      • A police report if the death is by Accident.
      • A completed claim form