Secret of the LionEat first, ahead of the pack
          personal financial planning and advice on the money secret of the lion

          Why do you think the male lion eats before the rest of the pride?

          It’s not because he's, it’s so he can be sure of having the strength he needs to protect his family from any danger in the future. It’s a good lesson.

          Most people understand that they need to save, and they do save - but it's only “a bit” at the end of the month, or whenever they can. This doesn't always work, as there are always expenses that eat into this amount.

          The Secret of the Lion is to eat first, ahead of the pack. What does this mean for you? Well, you too should "eat first" and you do this by arranging an automatic deduction from your salary or wages.

          Here are some tips on creating a healthy habit of saving for your future

          • Plan a monthly budget and don’t exceed it.
          • Decide on a specific amount and invest it every month.
          • Choose what type of savings plan you want to invest in. This could be a simple savings account or you could invest in unit trusts.
          • Set up a monthly debit order for your savings plan.

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